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If You Thought You Could Count on CPUC to Replace Diablo Canyon With Clean Energy After the Plant is Closed...
Think Again.

Last year, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) offered a Proposed Reference System Plan, presumably to serve as a template for how California might replace Diablo Canyon's 18 trillion watthours of carbon-free generation in a future "Integrated Resource Plan". Though they are required by law (Senate Bill 1090) to replace it with clean energy, there was a problem - or actually, several of them:

  1. 1. In its plan, CPUC wildly exaggerates the contribution of renewable energy by considering "Installed Capacity" instead of "Available Generation". Because the sun doesn't always shine, the wind doesn't always blow, and even electricity from hydroelectric dams varies seasonally, renewables are limited by capacity factor - how much electricity they can reliably be expected to produce. The Commission's failure to account for capacity factor might be either a mistake, incompetence, or deceit, depending on your point of view.
  2. 2. Unpredictable hedges against missing energy are erroneously considered "energy resources":
    • a. Energy stored in batteries or pumped storage is generated somewhere else first - then when it's stored, up to 35% is wasted in resistance losses;
    • b. Efficiency fails to make energy consumed by customers any cleaner, and is subject to "the law of diminishing returns";
    • c. Demand-response and TOU (Time-Of-Use) pricing attempt to shift the responsibility for resource adequacy to a utility's customers, at a cost in convenience. The utility, not other ratepayers, should be compensating customers for their inconvenience - shouldn't they?
  3. 3. CPUC's misrepresentation would make $billions in added revenue available for California vendors of natural gas, raising the question: is the purpose of the Proposed Reference System Plan to reduce reliance on fossil fuel energy, or distract from it?
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DR. ALEX CANNARA INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL KILLEN - Stanford Physicist Dr. Alex Cannara was interviewed by Michael Killen during a live broadcast at KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM. In it, Dr. Cannara challenges a controversial claim made by Environmental Engineer Mark Z. Jacobson - that 100% of California's electricity can be supplied by wind, water, and sunlight (interview begins at 1:25).
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